Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tony's pizza- really not worth any positive review

Tony's pizza was an option when we were craving for pizzas recently because it was along river valley and close to where we are. 

Honestly I was excited and looked forward to some good pizza. 

Positives about the place: 
- Decor was great
- Sufficient outdoor seats giving diners an option of indoor/outdoor 

Negatives : 
- Price
- Service Staff ( this factor killed the experience for me! ) 
- Taste of pizza ( First attempt! ) - we then sent it back, got them to put it back into the over for another 10 mins, and we got a better tasting pizza, with cheese that was melting! 
- Insufficient cheese on pizza

Ok so here's the run down of what happened.... we were REALLY hungry - ordered the pizza, paid SGD 42 + a small amount for the toppings. After we were done paying, we were then informed that they had many orders and the wait would be 25 mins. I told the waiter it was only polite in future to inform customers of the wait time before they pay for something, not after.  Also $7 for a can of beer! ( that's expensive or am i being cheap?!)

Anyways as you can see from the first photo, hot out of the over, the cheese looked like it wasn't warmed up enough and honestly tasted BLAH - we sent it back and got them to put it back in the over and TA-DAH - this is how it looked like after: 

see that cheese melting off that slice! now that's what I'm talking about!

Overall, I have to say it was a very disappointing experience, from having zero staff asking if we needed help when we walked in, to having no menus on our table when they weren't crowded - staff were actually sitting and chatting to serving us a pizza that wasn't cooked long enough.... I honestly don't think I will be back. 

  check out their full menu here :

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sopra Cucina

Recently while researching for Italian restaurants in Singapore, one of the hot tables for the month was at pan pacific ( the one by orchard towers) called Sopra cucina which served Sicilian food. I mainly got excited cause the exterior of the building looks so beautiful ....

photo taken off their Facebook page

For the starter, we decided to have something off the bar menu instead which was the fried mozzarella with a tomato pepper salsa.. this was delicious! We wished it was a slight bit saltier but really it's hard to go wrong with fried mozzarella. 

now as I'm writing this, I'm realising we did have a lot more food than i want to admit! we asked the waitress for a recommendation and she recommended the: Culurgiones Ogliastrini, stuffed pasta pockets of potato, mint and pecorino tossed in butter and sage.

i would say this was my least favourite dish of the night - no it wasn't awful, it was indeed tasty, however i preferred other dishes over this. i would describe this as extremely soft mash with A LOT of mint and a strong hint of cheese.

next up was the gnocchis also known as the small shaped dumplings on their menu. we did not stick to the recommended pork and rosemary sauce and instead change it to a bolognese sauce. BOY - were we pleased! the boyfriend wished the "dumplings" were bigger however it was definitely a tasty dish! highly recommended.

We went nuts and decided to order something else -   tortellini soup - that was just amazing.

 We also had a bottle of wine recommended by the waiters. I was very pleased with the service, and the food was fantastic. Overall a great night in a gorgeous atmosphere - another place i would certainly go back to!

Friday, 11 April 2014

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

it's been awhile - and i recently lost my granny on april 1st 2014.

i knew this day would come however i really wasn't sure how i would feel about it.

looking back to 10 days ago- all i can remember is thinking i was seeing her breathe when everyone said she wasn't and me thinking that everyone was being a jerk saying she wasn't.

it hasn't sunk in and i do feel guilty for the times i never showed up - feeling guilty for never being able to speak to her because i never bothered to learn the language.

to my amazing grandma - i love you more than you'll ever know. I am sorry for disappointing you but it doesn't change how much i love you.