Thursday, 6 March 2014

Singapore needs more cafes like Freshly Baked By Le Bijoux

this weekend - the boyfriend was craving for a corned beef sandwich from Freshly Baked... I have never had brunch there so i figured it was a great opportunity to check it out. It is about 5 mins away from where we live so decided to head over for breakfast.

firstly - everyone that visits this place MUST MUST MUST MUST buy the freshly baked cheese loafs. You're never gonna find cheese bread in this form with a big thick slice... actually a big chunk of cheese in almost every bite.... gosh i'm now hungry.

Anyways back to breakfast.....

we had a corned beef sandwich - and for the price it's a big WOW!

tastes good and the boyfriend absolutely loves it. the slight issue we had was that they had forgotten the cheese so we sent it back for it to be added, and the sandwich was toasted again causing the bread to hardened, which made a little tough to chew on, nevertheless - it was good.

For me, I wanted to try and be healthy and ordered the cajun chicken breast sandwich

this was disappointing as it was very dry and i really struggled to eat the sandwich. 

overall though, i would certainly be back for the breakfast meals and the corned beef sandwich.