Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pasta Brava - I love you!!!!

the boyfriend and I are pasta freaks. When we have splurge days while on our diet, the one dish that comes to mind is pasta! If there were no calories to pasta, I would totally have it everyday and not get sick of it... anyway i digress!

While researching for good pasta places, I came across pasta brava, and read both positive and negative reviews on the place. When i read their pastas were freshly made, I knew i definitely had to give this restaurant a chance.

Pasta Brava is very easy to get to via public transport - take a train to tanjong pagar and a quick 5 min walk will get you there. I made reservations was was promptly seated. Pasta Brava's menu has plenty of choices, definitely a larger menu than most places in Singapore!

You can view the menu here :

It definitely was tough trying to figure out what i wanted because I was spoilt for choice. Do note that not all pastas are home made, they've specifically pointed out what pastas were available.

Anyways, the boyfriend decided to try the Pappardelle with Bolognese ($22.50) - there's an option on the menu where you get to pick the pasta of your choice and the sauce, and that's what he went with. And i chose Linguine with prawns, clams, scallops, squid, crayfish and garlic in tomato sauce.

To share - we had Ravioli filled with mined beef and changed the base to a tomato and cream sauce.

When the dishes came, we knew there was no way we could finish all three pastas, but Boy, were we wrong! The pastas were cooked to a great texture, not too soft and sauces were great. I really have to talk about the Ravioli with minced beef, just talking about it now makes me want to make a reservation just for that particular dish. It was an absolute winner.
Top dish : seafood linguine, middle dish: Ravioli filled with mined beef , bottom dish: Pappardelle with Bolognese
We were also given crayons, so the boyfriend and I started having fun - made the entire dinner more enjoyable!

We ended the dish with a lava cake - the boyfriend isn't into deserts, and i hate to admit that I finished 80% of the dish after all that pasta, but I did!

This place is a must visit - we will definitely be back!

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