Sunday, 9 February 2014

CP Stir-Fried Chicken & Basil with Rice - Review

Sometimes when you're feeling absolutely lazy, frozen meals come in very handy.

this weekend  - i tried the CP foods frozen meals - the fried chicken and basil to be exact.

I absolutely loved the Thai fragrant jasmine rice that came along with the meal .... however don't expect it to be the typical version of the Thai Basil.

It came with a good amount of sauce.

that's how it looked after removing it from the microwave. 

While it was tasty, the meal was REALLY SPICY ! 

I do love spicy food however the spicyness took away the flavor and i felt i was eating a whole bunch of hot chillies. 

Having said that, i would definitely be keen on trying the rest of available flavors in the CP frozen food range. 

you can find more information on the fried chicken & basil here.

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