Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ajisen Ramen Singapore - Take home packs

Ajisen Ramen servces affordable ramen in my opinion. Their noodles are chewy and thin and is usually accompanied by the Tonkotsu soup base - best described as white in colour, and I recently found out that their soup helps to slow down signs of ageing! I say bring it on - except we can't have it too often because of the calories I would image. 

I recently visited Ajisen and actually tried their dried teriyaki chicken noodles and loved it! However I wanted to review the take home pack that I bought. 

Each packet has 2 servings and I honestly cannot remember what we paid - but i suspect it was $11. 

The overall taste was pretty good - noodles came out to be as chewy as you would have while dining in at Ajisen. They recommended boiling the noodles for 2 mins - and it came out perfect, so i would definitely recommend sticking to that. 

packaging after noodles were removed.
the instructions say to add the soup base to water in a separate bowl before adding in the noddles instead of cooking the noodles with the soup base
and this was how it looked after a good stir of the broth and adding in of noodles.

Honestly, I would have these noodles again. While the broth is definitely tastier in the stores, these were pretty tasty and a good thing to have around the house when you're feeling lazy. The texture of the noodles were definitely impressive - exactly like you would have in the restaurant. 

Overall a tasty meal! 

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