Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dr. McDougall's Asian Entree Cups - Pad Thai Noodle

So i thought i would review these noodles - seeing that there aren't many reviews online on them. the boyfriend and I have been having the pad thai noodles for lunch and I recently did a big order from iherb for Dr. McDougall's range of noodles - i'll review the rest as I eat them.

The Pad thai has only 200 calories - and that's great for lunch EXCEPT that it's definitely not going to leave you full. There's not much in there and is probably better off as a snack when you're very hungry.

Good thing is that it's vegan and gluten free. I have to say - the taste didn't disappoint me. I've done many trips to Thailand and have certainly tasted the best in pad thai (the oily, fried amazing kind!) so I can't compare it to something this healthy, however the taste is there. It doesn't taste horrible, you do get a sense you're having pad thai and I just wish there was more in a cup!

Here's some photos of what's inside this cup of goodness .....

As you can see - there's really not much in a cup!

And this is how it looks like cooked! 

Cooking Instructions: Microwave for best results.

Microwave Cooking Directions

1.Remove the lid
2.Remove the flavor packet and pour contents into cup.
3.Add room temperature water to fill line inside cup (about 2" above bottom of cup). Stir well.
4.Microwave on high for 2 minutes. - Caution: Microwave oven power may vary. If yours heats faster than most, adjust by starting with cooler water or by reducing cooking time or power level. Stop microwave if product is overcooking.
5.Remove from microwave, stir, and cover.
6.Let stand covered for 4 minutes or until noodles are tender and sauce thickens. Stir again and enjoy.
Boiling Water Directions

Follow instructions above except add boiling water to fill line and do not microwave. Let stand covered for 4 minutes or until noodles are tender and sauce thickens. Stir again and enjoy.

This is definitely a good, healthy snack to have - I'll update the other flavors as soon as I've tried them!

You can purchase it off the iherb website - that's where i am getting my stock from and shipping is very affordable :

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