Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Steak Frites (with unlimited servings of fries) - Les Bouchons

Unlimited FRIESSSSS makes me one happy girl :)

 You're first served a nice simple salad with a simple dressing  ( I can't remember what the dressing was ).

For the boyfriend and I, there was no complexity and we didn't feel torn about what to order (with a one page menu ) - steak and frites it was! Apparently the fries are fried in duck fat, but I don't really care because it tasted great! The steak was cooked well, honestly there's nothing particularly fancy, but it's a great experience for anyone craving for a good quality steak. And not to forget, you receive a good selection of Dijon mustard, grain mustard, bernaise sauce, mayonnaise and creamy horseradish

Each main comes with a side salad and the famous free-flow of their fries.

Service was fine,l - we made reservations, got an outside seat which was fine because it wasn't a hot day. It was a little on the dark side outside, however it added a nice ambiance to the evening.

No hassle, no complexity, and you don't ever feel torn about what to order! The steak is cooked to perfection, and you get your steak frites in two portions. There's nothing particularly fancy, but it's a fun experience for good quality steak.

Some photos of our night at Les Bouchons at Ann Siang hill

For us meat lovers - there's definitely a lot of options in Singapore, but if you're looking for a fuss free simple steak and frites meal, les bouchon might by the way to go.

To end our night, we walked over to a few different bars to have drinks - one at Ying Yang - that's the view you can expect from that roof top bar

for those curious about the difference between frites and fries -

Wikipedia says:

"In France and French speaking Canada, fried potatoes are called "pommes de terres frites" , "pommes frites" or more simply (and commonly) "frites". Pomme frites are somewhat different than American French fries in that they are often fried twice, use different oils to fry them, and also different types of potatoes are used."

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