Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Craving a Cheese Risotto but don't want to pay for a high price for a good one ?

I've found a pretty good solution to this!

So - while my boyfriend and I love pastas and pizzas, we love our risottos as much! His love for cheese risotto is definitely stronger than mine - I'm happy to skip having those because I'm more of a "tomato base" sort of person.

Anyway, we've found the perfect product that allows you to have cheese risotto in 12 minutes that tastes as good as what you can get in some restaurants!

One day after we bought the first pack to try - i was back at Jason's supermarket the next day, buying another 6 packs that will last us a long time!

Name of product : Riso Gallo - Risotto Pronto ( 4 cheese risotto)

Cut out instructions that you can save for future use! Follow the instructions carefully because it does make a difference! you're either gonna be eating hard dry risotto, or one that's overcooked if you don't!

So as the boyfriend has been fantastic at keeping up with his diet - he is only having half a pack each time with some chicken breast which is what he did last night! BTW - he also skips the butter needed and apparently it still tastes amazing!

this was the final look! he had half the packet of risotto and chicken breast! Satisfying and really delicious!

You can find this in Jason's supermarket - although paragon doesn't carry the product and I've managed to find it in Cold storage in orchard! Retailing between 5.45 to 6.50 SGD at various supermarkets!

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