Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mondo mio- robertson quay

Last weekend, the boyfriend and I had a big night of partying and so the next morning we felt like having a big hearty Italian meal. We planned to eat at Robertson quay but didn't have any specific place in mind- but figured if all else fails we would have ended up at the wine connection.

Anyways after walking around and looking at menus, we chanced upon mondo mio just across Harry's at Robertson quay. My first question to the waitress was if it was fusion food of Japanese and Italian as the menu was also in Japanese and she mentioned that they usually have a very big Japanese crowd. 

Anyway back to the food. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised.that's the interior of the restaurant... we heard Italian music throughout our entire meal and was honestly pleased with the ambiance.

You can find the menu online but i took one anyway to show you the Japanese menu that was included.

honestly, i didn't read any reviews prior to visiting the restaurant and honestly didn't know what to expect however I have to say service was exceptional. Not once did i have to wait for my water to be refilled. Also the moment we finished our pasta, within the second, new plates were sent to us to enjoy our pizzas.

I ordered the  Linguini pasta with crab meat  flavoured  by  a delicious pink sauce (SGD20)   - i had asked for more sauce so was a little disappointed that I didn't get more however I was satisfied with the flavor. Honestly didn't think it was anything like pink sauces you usually get in other restaurants, this just tasted like normal pasta sauce. However i liked that the crab did not have an overpowering smell compared to many other places that I have tried.

the photo above is the Freshly homemade egg-based  flat pasta served with  bacon, sun-dried tomatoes  and basil pesto in a creamy  tomato sauce also known as Pappardelle Casalinghe Mondo Mio in Salsa Rosa (SGD22). THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. the star was definitely how well the pasta was cooked and combined with the various ingredients, this was truly delicious.

we also ordered the Tomato,  fresh mozzarella cheese  and  Italian pork salami (SGD17) - beautifully crusted and tasty - we wiped it out very fast.

Honestly this place surprised me.. on average mains were about SGD 20 and it was honestly hard to fault any part of our dining experience.

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