Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sarang Orchard Central - Definitely a miss

Sarang at orchard central serves Korean Food - Whether it's authentic is questionable ?

This is going to be a short review because I just wasn't impressed with the food.

In the past, they used to provide small BBQ grills where you get to do your meat however it's now changed - tables are too close to one another and BBQ food you pick on the menu gets cooked and served to you. If you don't like cooking, then perhaps this place is for you.

back to food, we ordered the Korean Fried Chicken, pork belly and beef dish..... the dishes taste like something you would get from our local Kopitiam's Korean stall honestly, the best dish would have been the Korean Fried Chicken.....

I don't think I would ever be keen on going back to Sarang.... 

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