Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wooloomooloo Singapore - Review

I wanted to do something special for the boyfriend and I because we've had good stuff happening in our jobs, and also wanted somewhere romantic yet quiet to catch up so I called Wooloomooloo and made us a reservation and also asked if they could ensure our table was one that was quieter so we could have a chat. I was extremely pleased when we arrived and we were given our table in a nice corner away from the crowds. It was a special night of great food, wine and special company.
I've visited one of the restaurants in Hong Kong so I definitely had high expectations and this was met during my visit to the Singapore outlet. 

We decided to have the Tomahawk - definitely an impressive piece of meat! One thing to note though is that it does come with more fat due to the cut of the meat.

Along with this, we were served 4 types of sauces: Red wine, Au Jus, Peppercorn and Mushroom. and we had some other sides to go along but really the main star of the night was the Tomahawk - needless to say, we finished off our meal with happy tummies. OH - and what I didn't have photos of was the warm freshly baked foccacia bread with caramalised onions, you see a tiny piece on the right corner of the photo. The fluffy bread is definitely worth the mention, we had to stop ourselves from asking for more to ensure we had space in our tummies for the tomahawk. 

What I really liked was the service level. We tend to be picky when it comes to how our meat was cooked, so we told them to not overcook it and we wanted it VERY pink.... we then felt that we wanted it cooked a slight bit more, and the waiters were very happy to oblige, even suggesting that they cut the meat so some parts don't get overcooked. Service levels do play a big part of the meal experience, so Wooloomooloo gets a two thumbs up for that. 

Instead of desert, we decided to have a drink at the bar. It was quiet and we were the only 2 at the bar, which was a shame because other diners didn't realise how great a view they were missing from the bar! 

I will definitely be back for a visit! 

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